You got questions. We got answers!

Recently, some of our wonderful office assistants collected questions for us to answer.  You had a lot of questions. We’ve answered some of them here and will answer more in an upcoming blog post…stay tuned!


“How do we get extra tickets for graduation” 

As you know, each student will receive 7 tickets.  No additional tickets will be available.  The Wentworth Class of 2018 Facebook page seems to be the best place to offer up and seek additional tickets. Good luck and congratulations!


“Let’s settle this once and for all: UHOP or Il Mondos?” 

Pizza. Period. On that we can all agree. 


“Why is there no free parking?” 

Free parking in an urban, land-restricted area is not possible. There is more demand than there is space. In addition, the city of Boston asks that colleges, universities, and companies help in their desire to minimize the number of cars that come into the city every day by encouraging use of public transportation. Wentworth offers parking permits at one of the lowest rates in the city and we are often asked to raise the rates in order to minimize the number of cars in the city.  And many of our neighbor institutions have much less parking available, if any at all….so we consider ourselves fortunate that parking is available.


“Why do you ask for money after we graduate? We gave you, like, well over $100,000!” 

This is an understandable question, as I likely felt that same way when I was still attending college. The tuition paid is for the education received, it is transactional, for a lack of a better word. But the request for a philanthropic contribution is a request to invest in the future of the Institute. It is through philanthropic contributions that many students receive scholarships, that the Student Emergency Fun exists, that our library was renovated, that our Flanagan Campus Center was brought to life, and that many of our labs were enhanced. The Senior Gift is a wonderful tradition and one of the ways of providing our graduating class an opportunity to give back to the Institute.  Another way is by making an individual donation, which you can specifically decide where it should go. For instance, we have students who contribute money directly to a club, sport, or a resource they accessed during their years at Wentworth, such as the Center for Wellness and Disability Services.  


“My thesis is about brewing beer, but I don’t know if I can bring it to the final presentation?” 

Alcohol is not permitted in an academic setting. You should speak with your instructor about this. 


“For Dean Wenner: When will you be Wentworth’s President?” 

I don’t have the skill set to be president of the Institute, but I’ll be president of your fan club, as you are now my favorite student for asking such a sweet question! #deanlove 


“Dean Wenner, where is your favorite place to get all of your amazing clothing?” 

I’m a bargain shopper! Marshalls and TJMaxx are my two favorite places to shop! Let me know if you have any suggestions! 


“Is the building still on schedule?  

Yes!!!  They are doing a fantastic job with construction!  We are looking forward to students to begin using the building in January 2019.