How Boulders can Prepare us for a New Year

This past weekend I had the opportunity to hike in Gloucester with my family.  While hiking with three kids under the age of ten is always an adventure, there was added excitement to this trip.  Dogtown is a hiking area in Gloucester that contains large boulders throughout with phrases and words engraved in them.  As I passed each of these boulders, I thought about the connections those words have to the start of a new academic year.

Be on Time – You know what they say, being 5 minutes early is being on time.  Your time is valuable and so is the time of your professors and your classmates.  You all deserve the most out of your experience so manage your time and be on time.  Take advantage of every moment.

Study – Not much needs to said about that.

Spiritual Power – It does matter what you believe in or don’t believe, have faith.  Faith that you are capable, you are strong and you are supported.  There is so much power in a positive mindset.

Industry – Of the many things that impress me about Wentworth students, at the top of the list is their passion to make lives better for people.  When times are tough and the work feels overwhelming, remember the impact that your studies will have on the future.  You will be designing and building and coding  a world for my grand-kids and great-grand-kids.

Integrity – Have integrity in all that you do.  Be mindful of the people around and how your words and actions may effect them.  Take responsibility for your actions.  Respect the ideas and thoughts of others.  Live the Leopard’s Oath.

Ideas – Engage in conversations that allow you to share ideas with others.  There is great power in many motivated and passionate minds coming together to solve a problem or develop a plan.

Intelligence – You have earned your place here, remember that!

Kindness – Be kind to others but also be kind to yourself.  You will hit bumps and you will fail.  Be kind to yourself in those moments.  Failure makes us stronger, it helps us learn about ourselves.  Embrace it.

Loyalty – The connections that you make in college are ones that will last a lifetime.  Be true to those relationships and surround yourself with people who will pick you up when you fall and who are not afraid to be honest with you.

Courage – Embrace this time in your life and have the courage to try new things and have new experiences.  Visit a part of the city you have never been to. Join a club. Attend events.  Each time we step out of our comfort zone, it gets a little bit easier to do it again.

Work – Work hard. No matter the outcome at the end of the semester, know that you worked hard and put your best effort into it.  That is success!

Truth – Be true to who you are.  This is your home.  And in our homes, we should be able to live in an environment that is inclusive and welcoming.

Keep Out of Debt – We only have 24 hours in a day.  Use your time wisely.  Remember self-care. Study hard but always find those moments for yourself to recharge and re-energize.

In the end, I learned a lot from those boulders.

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