Student Spotlight: Erin Abraham


Erin Abraham, Facilities Management & Planning ’18

Erin is such a vibrant and positive member of our student community. She has been a student employee in the Office of Student Affairs for almost 2 years and, at the beginning of the Spring 2016 semester, was promoted to the position of ‘Social Engagement Student’. In this new role, Erin will be assisting our office with our social media efforts and student outreach, so it’s only fitting that she was selected as our first Student Spotlight! Hopefully you enjoy the interview as much as we enjoyed interviewing Erin.

– Jesse Correia, Assistant to the Deans

Tell us about yourself:

I was born in Mumbai, India but have lived in Rhode Island since I was 2 years old. I attended the University of Rhode Island upon graduating from Coventry High School. After one year I transferred here to Wentworth, because I wanted to attend a smaller school I could feel more apart of.

What advice would you give to other transfer students?

Ask questions! More specifically create a strong relationship with someone who works on campus who you can go to for advice. This person could be a professor, academic advisor or even one of our deans! Being an extrovert made this easy for me. For those who tend to keep to themselves the Wellness Center is a great place to create a relationship with someone who will help you transition smoothly in warm and welcoming environment. It may seem very different at first, however it’s easy to adjust to Wentworth’s structured environment.

Why did you pick WIT?

As I previously mentioned, I chose WIT because of the small student body and also because of the co-op program. Coming from a larger university I didn’t have the opportunity to interact with my professors as much as I would have liked to. Here at Wentworth my professors know exactly who I am and where I stand academically in their class. The small teacher to student ratio not only makes the learning environment more comfortable to be in but also allows me to learn information from a primary source. Along with the general nature of WIT, the co-op program was a huge factor in my decision to transfer. I have completed an optional co-op where I fully utilized my knowledge obtained from the classes I’ve taken.

How long have you worked in OSA and how do you like it?

It has been two years since I first started working at the Office of Student Affairs. I feel very lucky to be working alongside the higher principals of the institute. After my first college experience at a larger university, I learned exactly what I wanted out of my college experience. I wanted to make a mark and be apart of a community. By working in the Office of Student Affairs I am able to meet all kinds of students from different backgrounds and majors. I love when I am recognized from my work-study position because I know I have helped my classmates and they’ve remembered me doing so.

What has been your greatest WIT memory so far?

My favorite memory about WIT so far is during my freshman year WOW Week. I know it goes way back however looking back it foreshadowed how my time here would be. I was in the transfer group so my group consisted only of transfer students. My two leaders, both seniors, eased up with the icebreaker games because they knew it wasn’t our first rodeo. However, at the end of the week one of the leaders told us that the hardest part about transferring was worrying that everyone already had friends. He explained that each year you are in college you would make additional friends to the ones you already have. The reason for this is because in high school everyone is competing to get into college while in college everyone is fighting to stay in college. Why not tough it through together?

A lot of what I have accomplished in college, aside from hours in the library, has been through the collaboration and honest help from my peers. Having classmates who are willing to help you is the difference between a B and a C. My group leader explained that everyone at Wentworth shares the common goal of getting a degree. A result from this is a supporting and helpful student body. I couldn’t tell you the number of times my classmates and tutors have helped me when I needed extra help. This was my favorite memory because it showed how much our community wants our students to succeed.

What is on your WIT/Boston bucket list?

Top on my Boston bucket list is to volunteer at the MSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center. I also want to visit the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area in the summer and pet a penguin at the New England Aquarium. As for my Wentworth bucket list I definitely want to become a tour guide. Also, I would like to complete a co-op outside of the United States. I’ve also always secretly wanted to be in a photo found in the admissions packet. Between classes and co-ops I hope to cross off each of these goals on my bucket list.

What would you tell a future WIT student?

There’s a lot I would want to tell a future WIT student. Most importantly Wentworth is a great place to find yourself and discover your strengths and weaknesses. I’ve learned a lot about myself since attending WIT. I can’t stress this enough; don’t ever be afraid to ask questions. Whether you are unsure of material in your classes or unsure of how to register for classes. Here at Wentworth someone is always willing to help you or guide you to the right place for answers. Another piece of advice I would give is you are not alone. If you are struggling with something there is a huge chance someone else is a well. Here at WIT we are given so much time with our professors, I’ve learned to fully take advantage of it. Your professors are here to teach you and your classmates are here to motivate you. It’s completely up to you to move forward but after you do the reward is success. With great professors and a close student body, WIT is a great environment for a college experience.