Your ? & our Answers: Volume 2

Every couple of weeks our Social Engagement Student Erin (previously feature as in our Student Spotlight Series) will be hitting the campus and giving our students the opportunity to submit their questions for the Deans. So far, we’ve gotten a great sampling of questions and look forward to continuing this series. If you’re interested in contributing a question, email it to and we’ll try our best to answer and post it. Check out Volume 1…

Ryan asks, “Why don’t we have a bigger gym?”

The Schumann Fitness Center was built in 2013 as part of the Flanagan Campus Center renovation. As a shared facility with MCPHS and Mass Art, we recognize that there are certain times of the day when the fitness center is busy. Mike Williams, Director of the Schumann Fitness Center, is currently working with our Planning and Construction Department to identify additional areas on campus for both individual and group workout space.
Daehoon asks, “Why don’t residence halls remain open for international students?”

During the winter or spring break, or between the spring and summer semesters, students whose home is a far distance may have the option to stay on campus. Students who wish to stay on campus during a break should contact the Office of Housing and Residential Life to discuss possible options.
Claudaire asks, “Is there a way to get more money to dorm for students with a far commute?”

Student Affairs has been exploring ways in which financial need may impact student success. One of the areas we are exploring is partnering with Enrollment Management to assist students with on campus living through Financial Aid. We are conducting additional research so that we can be strategic and purposeful in our planning. This research is in a very preliminary phase.
Bryan asks, “What has been your favorite experience here at Wentworth?”

Fortunately, my favorite experience happens each year. I love the first day of classes in the fall semester. There is a lot of excitement on campus – new students beginning their college experience, seniors beginning their last year of college. There are new sneakers, new backpacks, new people. There is also the promise of opportunity. You never know what opportunities the new academic year will bring.