Congratulations to the newly selected Student Leaders!

Last month, close to 100 students participated in the Student Leader Selection process.  These students submitted a resume and essay, and participated in individual interview(s) and group process activity night.  The Student Leader Selection committee was very impressed with the caliber of each applicant throughout the process.  The positions hired through the Student Leader Selection Process are: Resident Assistant, Commuter Assistant, Community Standards Board, Student Admissions Ambassador, SWEET (Student Wellness Education and Empowerment Team), Student Alumni Society, New Student Orientation (NSO), and Wentworth Opening Week (WOW) Leaders.  A description of these positions can be found document attached to this email.

On February 17, we were able to offer over 60 students a position that will begin this summer with New Student Orientation in June.  All of these students will participate in the Wentworth Leadership Institute and WIThero (bystander intervention training) before the start of the 2016-2017 academic year.  Below you will find the list of all students who were selected through this process and the position(s) that they were selected for.

College of Architecture, Design and Construction Management

Ferdinan Baillargeon Student Admissions Ambassador BSA
Sah’Danae Brinkley Resident Assistant BSCM
Sah’Danae Brinkley SWEET BSCM
Lily Clancy Orientation Leader BSCM
Lily Clancy Resident Assistant BSCM
Lily Clancy Student Admissions Ambassador BSCM
Shawn Cody Resident Assistant BSCM
Grace Doerry Student Alumni Society Member BSCM
Grace Doerry Student Admissions Ambassador BSCM
Kyle Gillis Resident Assistant BSCM
Kyle Gillis Community Standards Board BSCM
Kristin Kezar Student Admissions Ambassador BSA
Katlyn Nguyen Program Assistant BINT
Ally Rugg Orientation Leader & WOW Team Leader BSA
Micaila Sheridan Student Alumni Society Member BSA
Micaila Sheridan WOW Team Leader BSA
Isaiah Walker WOW Team Leader BIND
Amber Webb WOW Team Leader BINT


College of Engineering and Technology

Nicholas Bellone Student Admissions Ambassador BSCE
Nicholas Bellone Program Assistant BSCE
Noelle Benavides Resident Assistant BBME
Noelle Benavides Student Admissions Ambassador BBME
Jacob Blanchard Resident Assistant BBME
Jacob Blanchard Student Alumni Society Member BBME
Jacob Blanchard Student Admissions Ambassador BBME
Philip Brisson Resident Assistant BELM
Ian Brown Orientation Leader & WOW Team Leader BSCO
Megan Bruneau WOW Team Leader BSME
Naomi Carlson Student Admissions Ambassador BBME
Lynn Carswell Resident Assistant BSEE
Jordan Carter Resident Assistant BSCO
Helene Casanova SWEET BCOS
Helene Casanova WOW Team Leader BCOS
Marc Celoy Resident Assistant BSEN
Jeffrey Conner Orientation Leader & WOW Team Leader BCOS
Charles Durfee Resident Assistant BSME
Jonah Eisman Student Admissions Ambassador BSME
Roanne Elsadig Orientation Assistant & WOW Team Leader BBME
Matthew Elsevier Orientation Leader & WOW Team Leader BSME
Kevin Fairfax Student Admissions Ambassador BCOS
Matthew Franchi Student Admissions Ambassador BSME
Bethany Fronhofer Resident Assistant BBME
Seth Giuliano Student Admissions Ambassador BSEE
Paulina Guerero Program Assistant BSEN
Liz Gunning Orientation Leader & WOW Team Leader BSCE
Leah Keyes Program Assistant BSME
Jarrett Knox Resident Assistant BSEE
Deanna Kondek Student Alumni Society Member BSCE
Connor Leavitt Commuter Assistant BSCE
William Ma Student Alumni Society Member CIS
William Ma Resident Assistant CIS
Heather MacDougal Resident Assistant BBME
Erica Norquist Student Admissions Ambassador BSME
Stephanie Pantano Student Admissions Ambassador BBME
Nilay Patel WOW Team Leader BBME
Julie Penn Program Assistant BSME
Zeily Perez Resident Assistant BSCN
Linessa Pol Student Admissions Ambassador BBME
Linnessa Pol WOW Team Leader BBME
Becca Ricciardi Student Admissions Ambassador BCOT
Becca Ricciardi WOW Team Leader BCOT
Allison Rishmany WOW Team Leader BBME
Megan Serafin Student Admissions Ambassador BBME
Patrick Shaughnessy WOW Team Leader BSME
Maggie Shea WOW Team Leader BBME
Janine Thomas WOW Team Leader BSCO
Ariana Troy Orientation Leader BSEN
Katie Vilardi WOW Team Leader BSCE
Isaiah Walker Student Admissions Ambassador BBME
Vincent Zannella Resident Assistant BSCN
Kristina Zunino Student Alumni Society Member BELM
Kristina Zunino Orientation Leader BELM


College of Arts and Sciences

Ellen Butts Orientation Leader BSAM
Abbey Jean Resident Assistant BSAM
Chris Joanis Commuter Assistant BSAM
Chris Joanis Student Admissions Ambassador BSAM
Chris Joanis Community Standards Board BSAM
Emily Marceau Student Admissions Ambassador BSAM
Katherine McDonough Student Alumni Society Member BSAM
Katherine Mcdonough Student Admissions Ambassador BSAM