Student Spotlight: Matthew Hallock





Name: Matthew Hallock

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Class year: Class of 2017


Why did you select your major?

I have selected my major because I enjoy solving problems and like seeing how things are made. This decision also came about because I have always liked math and science growing up. I felt this field best suits me based on my interests.


You are currently on coop.  What are you doing?

I am currently on coop with Trumbull Campbell Associates in Newburyport, MA. I am learning how to be a sales engineer in the HVAC industry. That means I help the sales engineers select HVAC equipment based on the products listed in the engineering schedule and the products we represent as a company. I then quote the products as necessary and send the proposal out to the bidders on the project in hopes that the bidders buy our products.


How have you seen your coursework and work at your coop intersect?

I have seen my thermodynamics class and fluid mechanics class intersect while on my coop this semester. Those two classes focus on the refrigeration cycle and the flow of fluid respectively. When picking out the rooftop units that provide heating and air conditioning to a building it is important to make sure the final mixed air supplied to the building can meet the costumer’s needs after the air goes through the refrigeration cycle and enters the open space again.


Coop or classes?  Which do you prefer and why?

I prefer coop because there is no homework after the day of work is done and I like the hands on learning. I have been able to get out onto construction sites to see commercial HVAC units in the works. I have seen the units start up and been on site to help replace motors in these units as well. Also, I almost forgot to mention that there is money involved which will definitely makes the bank accounts happy and allows for more activities in Boston.


What are your interests outside of academic?

My favorite thing to do outside of doing school work and working is running. I have ran one marathon so far with much more in the future. My next race will be a different one which will involve running 190 miles with a group of Wentworth faculty and one other student from Hull, MA to Provincetown, MA. This will not only help us get ready for the beach during the summer, but help raise funds for the Deans’ Emergency Fund!


What advice would you give someone who is about to start the coop search?

The best thing to do when searching for a coop would be to start early and do not wait until the last minute like studying for a test. There are many companies out there that are hungry for Wentworth students, but you still need to put in the work to earn a coop. This also releases a lot of stress especially while classes are going on. If you ever have a question, just ask, our Coop and Career Center is very helpful.