Ready for finals…

Half of our respondents last week for #WITwants2know indicated they are ready for finals. With only two days of classes left, it’s definitely time to get ready for finals.  Whether you are taking an exam, giving a presentation, or completing a project, Dean Wenner, Dean Kosses, and Dean Fowler have some quick advice for you:


  1. Take care of yourself. Sleep is not over-rated, it’s actually really, really important for your overall health and well being, and your grades. You are more likely to feel energized and ready for that exam or to complete that project after a good night’s sleep. Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat during finals week too!
  2. Attend a de-stress event. There is a lot of stuff in your brain – facts, figures, concepts, etc… Take a few minutes to give your brain a rest. There are stress free  zones and events throughout the week.
  3. Find your buddy. Find a friend to study with. Ask a friend to go for a walk to clear your brain. Find the friend with whom you can have a belly laugh. Our relationships are important during stressful times. They keep us grounded.
  4. Be confident. Tell yourself you can do it, because you can. You’ve done all this before, either in an earlier semester or back in high school. You’re smart. Go ahead, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you’re smart.

We know you got this. When you’re done with finals, stop by. Let us know how well you did! We can’t wait to hear all about it.