2016-2017 Student Handbook Cover Design Winner!

For the past 5 years, the OSA has hosted a design contest that offers students the opportunity to design the coming year’s Student Handbook cover. While we’ve always received many amazing submissions from our talented students, this year was one for the record books.

This year we received over 30 submissions; the most we’ve ever received! We are always so amazed by the tremendous talent our students have and proud of their willingness to share with the campus community. As in past years, we gathered a team of 20 faculty, staff, and students to perform the difficult task of selecting the top five cover designs to be displayed for student vote. Once those top 5 designs were selected, students were encouraged to view and vote on the designs in person at our campus Info Hub and electronically, through an online voting system.

After a record breaking amount of total votes collected (364 votes submitted online and at our ballot box), the majority winner was Lauren Temple, Computer Engineering ’16. We are beyond excited to have Lauren’s design as our 2016-2017 Student Handbook Cover and thank her for her efforts and creativity! Below, you’ll find the winning submission and all of our other amazing submissions for your viewing pleasure!

The 2016-2017 Winner of the Student Handbook Cover Design Contest

2016-2017 Handbook Cover Design Winner

Lauren Temple, Computer Engineering ’16

Top 5 Finalists



 All of this Year’s Submissions