Meet the new Coordinator of Community Standards

At the close of the spring semester, the Office of Student Affairs was excited to welcome AJ Andreucci as the new Coordinator of Community Standards.  This position is brand new at Wentworth and provides greater support in the oversight of the Student Code Conduct.  Prior to taking on this role, AJ was the Resident Director of Baker Hall.  In order to get to know a little more about AJ and what he does, here is a Q&A with AJ.

1. What does the Coordinator of Community Standards do?

The Coordinator of Community Standards assists with the management of the Student Code of Conduct. I serve as a Hearing Administrator for various levels of cases and train other Hearing Administrators and members of the Community Standards Board. I work with the student members of the Community Standards Board to discuss ways we can promote the Student Code of Conduct to the community. In my role, I also work closely with Public Safety and the Housing and Residential Life staff. I also coordinate the Bystander Intervention Program “WIT Hero”. I work with other staff members across campus in planning and facilitating these programs, for the fall semester we will be having two WIT Hero sessions each month!

2. What do you enjoy most about your job and Wentworth?

I have enjoyed the conversations I have had with students that I have met through the Conduct process. I understand these may not be enjoyable for everyone but I have found that, for the most part, Wentworth students are honest and straight forward. I enjoy hearing their side of the events that we are discussing and how they will work moving forward, to make sure their actions are consistent with the community standards. I also have enjoyed working with the Student Affairs staff. There are many talented people who work here, and I learn from them every day. Also, what other place can say they were able to get 12 students, faculty, and staff to run 200 miles in 24 hours? I can’t think of any!

3. How do you define Community Standards?

Community Standards are the expectations that members of the Wentworth community hold each other accountable to uphold. We want to have Wentworth be a place where everyone feels respected and can thrive academically and socially. We also want Wentworth to be a place where the community members look out for each other and get help when it is necessary. We promote these standards when we support and respect one another. We also enforce these standards in the Student Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct exists, so members of the community know the clear expectations of what behavior is expected.

4. What do you hope students will learn from the discipline process?

I hope students learn why we have our process and how our community standards support their success at Wentworth. I know people can feel anxious leading up to the meeting, but my goal is to have those who I meet with leave with a better understanding of the process and how their actions impacted the community. I also want to students to learn that they are expected to uphold the Community Standards off-campus as well and that they should be looking out for each other when they are off campus.

5. Outside of community standards, what else do you do on campus?

I work on the Title IX programming committee, and this semester I have been helping plan the Consent fair that will happen on September 21st, the Blue Light Walk, and the Red Flag campaign. I also work with Weekends at WIT, and we plan free, on-campus events every Saturday night. I am involved with the Leadership Institute, I have facilitated a Phase I class for the past two years, and I am involved as a First Year Seminar Instructor!

6. What are five fun facts about you?

  1. I am a New England Patriot Season ticket holder.
  2. One of my goals is to visit all 50 states, recently I visited Indiana, which marked number 30. Only 20 to go!
  3. I, alongside four other staff members in the student affairs division, are the current WIT Walks champions.
  4. During any football season, I draft five fantasy teams. While I have never gone 5 for 5 in fantasy wins, I have at least won one fantasy league in each of the past six years.
  5. I have gone sky diving and would do so again in a heartbeat.

If you have any questions for AJ or want to stop by and say hello, his office is located in the Flanagan Campus Center, room 028.  His email is

This past May, AJ participated in the Ragnar Relay to raise money for the Student Emergency Fund.

This past May, AJ participated in the Ragnar Relay to raise money for the Student Emergency Fund.