OSA’s new, student designed, note cards have arrived!

Once again, our student Office Assistant and resident graphic designer, William ‘Billy’ Zavodjancik BSME ’18, has created another impressive work of art. Every few years we work with a WIT student to design a note card for the office and when we needed a new design earlier in the year, we knew exactly who to call.

Billy secured an Office Assistant position with our office before he was even fully enrolled in classes his freshman year. He had submitted a design for our annual Student Handbook Cover Design Contest as a senior in high school and we were so impressed with his initiative, skills, and talent we offered him a student employment position with us for that incoming fall semester right away. It was a decision we’d never regret. Billy has worked on various design projects with us, while managing his course load, and has always made himself available for consultation. He also annually submits a handbook cover design.

Check out his design for our office note card:

Billy Zavodjancik Note Card

Besides working in our office and being an academically successful student, Billy is also heavily involved in the WIT community as a Resident Assistant and a member of the Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity- to mention only a few. We’re extremely thankful to know and work with such an impressive student and will be reminded of him every time we use one of these note cards.

Here are his last two student handbook cover design submissions:

Handbook Design William ZWilliam F. Zavodjancik











Thank you for all of your help, creativity, commitment, and personality Billy!