Looking forward to spring

Our first snowstorm has passed. Living in Boston, we know there will be more before winter is over. And, being New Englanders, we know not to trust a groundhog and that winter can sometimes extend its reach well into March.

There’s a lot to look forward to as we begin a new spring semester. In our #WITwants2know over the weekend, 78% of our respondents reported being excited about this semester. Maybe it’s their last semester and are eagerly awaiting commencement. Maybe it’s their first semester of co-op and are eagerly awaiting their first paycheck! Perhaps someone has a great idea and can’t wait for this semester’s Pitchfest in Accelerate. Maybe someone did not have a great fall semester and has a renewed optimism for the spring semester. If that’s you…remember, we believe in you, you can do it!

There are two specific events that I look forward to each spring. And I’ll have to wait almost the whole semester for their arrival. On March 30, we gather to celebrate excellence in curricular and co-curricular programs at the Annual Awards Program. This will be my 19th awards program and each year, I am amazed at what our students are able to achieve. This will also be my 19th Beaux Arts Ball, the annual spring formal sponsored by the Wentworth Events Board. The Beaux Arts Ball, this year held on March 31st, is one of our longest standing traditions. On boats, in castles, and in gigantic, elaborate hotel ball rooms, students (and faculty and staff) celebrate another semester, another year. Dean Wenner, Dean Kosses, and I look forward to seeing you at this year’s Beaux Arts Ball at The State Room (fancy).

Both the Annual Awards Program and the Beaux Arts Ball remind us that we are part of a community whose commitment to each other and high expectations for excellence is recognized. A big thank you to the staff in the Center for Student Engagement for their work in organizing these two events for our community.