As you’ve probably experienced already (*hopefully*, but if not come visit!), our office is a pretty friendly and inviting space for all of our Leopards. Between the free snacks and our amazing student staff, we really, really want you to feel at home, but one of the other ways in which we enhance our space is by adorning our walls with student submitted work.

Our students are incredibly talented, but I’m going to guess that you already knew that. In and out of the classroom, they are using their talents to create some really amazing stuff; from photographs, to sketches, to renderings- we’re always impressed by their abilities! With all of this amazing talent around us, we had to help them share it, so once a semester we put out a call for submissions to be featured in our office. Check out some of our Spring 2017 submissions below…

A big THANK YOU to our talented students who submitted this time around: Adam Zapotok, Ryan Mercier, Raxa Patel, Stephanie Crepeau, Gordon Lameyer, Gabby Borgonovo, Keira Pierre, Rebecca Klanchesser, Christian Roidt, Hasan Alsaif, and Tommy Gentilucci.