A Message from Boston Police: Safety in Vehicles for Hire


Wentworth, as well as all colleges and universities in Boston, is fortunate to have a great working relationship with Boston Police, especially around matters involving safety of college students. The message below was just sent out by Boston Police Headquarters regarding safety tips when using vehicles for hire. Please take a moment to read and to share with friends, classmates, and family.

How to Stay Safe When Using Vehicles for Hire

•First, know what you’re getting into. Vehicles for hire come in the form of taxi cabs, livery vehicles and ride sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft. While each of these types of vehicles for hire offer similar services to customers, it is important to take basic steps to ensure your safety.

•City of Boston taxi cabs are regulated by the Boston Police Department and all licensed taxi drivers in Boston undergo a thorough background check including fingerprinting. These taxi vehicles are marked with company logos and lettering and will have a numbered medallion permanently affixed to the rear of the taxi. Taking note of your car’s medallion number and driver’s name and Hackney number can help ensure your safety when using a City of Boston licensed taxi.

•When you book a ride with a ride share company like Uber or Lyft, their mobile applications will send a confirmation text to riders with a photo of their driver, the license plate number of the vehicle and a description of the vehicle, so you know who and what to look for. When you see the vehicle, take a moment to check the license plate and the car’s make and model. You should also ask your driver their name, be sure it matches the name you received in your confirmation message.

•When you book a ride through a ride share app, some companies will send a text confirmation that the driver is on his way, you are then able input your destination into the app and share that with anyone via text message. Friends are then able to watch your ride on a map in real-time.

•Riders should never get into a vehicle for hire they didn’t request or order. Nor should riders get into a vehicle if any of the information they received in a confirmation text does not match up.

•Remember, the Boston Police Department wants you to get home safely. Know what you’re getting into: Check your app, check the car, and check the driver.
If you have an emergency or there is a crime in progress, dial 9-1-1 immediately.