Recognizing Achievement

Last week, our #WITwants2know question was in honor of our Annual Awards Program, which was held on Thursday, March 30th. We’ll get to more of that in a minute…first things first.  81% of our #WITwants2know respondents indicated they knew of another Wentworth student who had accomplished a goal or some other achievement this year. 81% is a fantastic number! And chances are….some of the 19% probably know someone who accomplished something, but its meaning to that person may be more than they have shared.  In any case, it is great to hear that so many are setting and reaching their goals, or have reached some achievement in their life.  Often this is not easy. The journey may be fraught with many challenges and road bumps (okay, maybe event some mountains). Be sure to let that person who has accomplished this how amazing they are! They did it!

Okay….the Annual Awards Program….at which, over 160 students were recognized for curricular and co-curricular excellence and leadership.  There were stories of students providing service to communities and on our own campus. Students whose level of talent in athletics was matched by their academic determination. Students were recognized for their commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship, leadership, and their specific academic disciplines.

We are happy to share the names of all this year’s award recipients. Congratulations on their well-deserved achievements!


College of Professional and Continuing Education Awards

Outstanding Associate Degree Student: Jeff McCrevan

Outstanding Baccalaureate Degree Student: Stephen Sylvester

Outstanding Master’s Degree Student: Hourmat Abdul Rauf

Dean’s Award for Professional Accomplishment: Joshua Ward


Community Awards

Community Scholarship: Connor Boris, Brigit Bratland, Payton Brown, Stefan Burnett, Ryan hHase, Richard Claytor, Peter Comeau, Jeffrey Dike, Edward Durfee, Tim Elrick, Gunnar Erickson, Claire Gagliardi, Clay Harman, Abbey Jean, Kristen Lundebjerg, Chase Manning, Khadija Panirwala, Kathryn Rooney, Hannah Schulze, Ashmita Tandon, Adam Zapotok, Tommy Zhang

Civic Engagement Award: Danielle Candido and Phi Sigma Pi

Accelerate Graduates: Elizabeth Astle, Joseph Beliveau, Connor Boris, Tyler Castle, Ryan Cataldo, Hung Dinh, Margaret May Dobroth, Stephanie MacDonald, Sean MacNab, Kelsey Ann Malone, Sean O’Keefe, Elizabeth Priolo, Jace Valls, Josh Willis, Adam Zapotok


College of Architecture, Design, and Construction Management Awards

Henry Adams Certificates: Carla Isabel Gautier-Castro and Caleb Hawkins

Henry Adams Medal: Silvia Colpani

Alpha Rho Chi Medal: Merna Haddad, Lindsay Dumont, and Samuel Maloney

President’s Awards for Academic Excellence and Co-curricular Involvement: Dylan Bush, Chelsea Gazaille, Anthony Grzegowski, Jon Flynn, Autumn Thompson, Connor Pelletier-Sutton

Industrial Designers Society of America Student Merit Award: Garret Brown


Leadership Awards

Outstanding First Year Leadership Award: Bertrand Saint-Preux

Outstanding Sophomore Leadership Award: Connor Leavitt

Outstanding Junior Leadership Award: Shivani Kumar

Paragon Award: Bethy Diakabana

Wentworth Leadership Institute Graduates: Danielle Candido, Jordan Carter, Kearstin Gauthier, Sean MacNab, Susan Needleman, Ashmita Tandon, Jace Valls, Adam Zapotok


College of Engineering and Technology Awards

President’s Awards for Academic Excellence and Co-curricular Involvement: Christopher Barrett, Brianna Rozell, Eric Alfano, Rachel Perras, Joshua Rowe, Octave Muhirwa, John Westerhof, Cody Dutra, Kellie Messer, Kelsey Ann Malone, Mitchell Kendrioski

Engineering Champion Award: Shivani Kumar


Honor Societies and EPIC

Sigma Lambda Chi: Enrique Arrieche, Frank Dipillo, Grace Doerry, Ryan Duval, Yongxin Lin, Ryan Mack, Anthony Malchiodi, David Maler, Mathew McKinnon, Haley Sabino, Erica Stankus, Christopher Storey, William Taylor, Matthew Waltermire, Colin Warren, Patrick Woodall, Vincent Zannella

Sigma Beta Delta: Phuong Nguyn, Mark Murbach, Matthew Heise, Zachary Peter, Kyle Romich

Chi Alpha Sigma: Enrique Arrieche, Megan Berryman, Alec Boyle, Caitlyn Briggs, Matthew Cicalis, Tim Elrick, Austin Enroth, Samuel Entner, Alec Foucault, Stephen Frazier, Evan Gosselin, Clay Harman, Patrick Hopkins, Joseph Kalil, Samuel Knollmeyer, Bryon Kucharski, Alexandra Leach, Heather MacDougall, Noah Martins, Samantha Medeiros, Rachel Melisse, Logan O’Donnell, Ryan Reid, Emily Richard, Alex Sobbins, Haley Sabino, Mykaela Scarpace

Eta Kappa Nu: Gary Lam, Adam Ziel, Sneha Maharjan, Temour Raza, Logan O’Keefe, Thomas Serbis, Brian Drouse, Bryon Kucharski

EPIC Champion Award: Benjamin Waltuch


College of Arts and Sciences Awards

President’s Awards for Academic Excellence and Co-curricular Involvement: Dhruv Patel, Matthew Heise, Phuong Nguyen


Cooperative Education Awards

Edward T. Kirkpatrick Cooperative Education Awards: Erica Amato, Mary Annon, Alexa Delisle, Mallory Harper, Kendall Kelly, Dylan Khor, Julia Kobe, Lucien Lapenta, Jessy Lecaj, Kelsey Ann Malone, Sarah Mockool, Dylan Millea, Kyran Oasan, Jack Reilly, Shawn Ricker, Mary Eva Sbabo, Hamza Tirida, William Toohey III, Ismael Veyna, Jr.


Service to the Institute Awards

Advocate for Multiculturalism Award: Maha Almutlaq

Outstanding Student Employee: Meredith Jakicky

Resident Assistant of the Year: Danielle Candido

Philip A. Brooks Unsung Hero Award: Christian Blaise

The Wentworth Bowl: Jace Valls