The New Multipurpose Academic Building

Within the last five years, our campus has seen a great deal of physical change. We’ve added a new residence hall, the Apartments  @ 525, renovated Beatty Hall to include the Flanagan Campus Center and the Douglas D. Schumann Library and Learning Commons, and renovated Ira Allen into a very popular destination spot for learning and community gathering.  Our campus is changing once again.  Soon, work will begin to construct a new academic building on the site of the tennis courts.  In our last #WITwants2know, only 30% of our current students know what’s proposed to be inside the building.

The new Multipurpose Academic Building will be approximately 78,000 gross square feet designed to meet the changing needs of our academic programs and culture.  The building will contain many laboratories, as well as maker-space, manufacturing facilities, and lots of space throughout the building to gather for work on projects.  Accelerate, our innovation and entrepreneurship program, will be housed within the building.

Construction on the Multipurpose Academic Building will begin over the summer.  We recognize that this construction project will offer some challenges, such as noise and pedestrian access and detours.  Planning is already underway to minimize the logistical impact to campus as much as possible.  But, as we know, temporary inconvenience for a long-term gain.  The building is scheduled to be open in January 2019.

To learn more about the Multipurpose Academic Building, including a construction schedule and layouts of the interior, please visit