A construction site

Our campus is changing. Work on the new Center for Engineering, Innovation, and Sciences has begun. There is definitely a construction site on our campus!

We want to be sure that our students are kept up to date with the progress of the building, work updates, traffic patterns, and any other temporary changes to the campus.  In our last #WITwants2know, only 59% of our respondents indicated they’ve been reading the “Construction Update” emails.  These short emails include helpful information about what’s happening and what to expect.  The most recent email is copied below….be sure to keep a look out for future emails!

To learn more about the new building, visit www.wit.edu/mpa


Construction update

July 21, 2017

Site work and soil remediation continue as construction for the new academic building gains momentum. Truck deliveries and building equipment at the site have increased. Pedestrians should be vigilant when crossing Parker St. Please follow the instructions of uniformed officers or traffic flagmen when crossing Parker St.

Below is a brief recap of upcoming activities.

  • Pile driving is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 24. Six test piles will be driven to evaluate soil stability and building foundation characteristics. Once the test piles are in place, it will take a week to analyze the data. If all goes well, pile driving will resume on August 4. Barring any delays, pile driving should be complete by September 1.
  • No final exams will be held in Watson Hall. Please see your instructor if you have any questions regarding the final exam location.
  • A revised crosswalk design for Parker Street was submitted to the Boston Traffic Department for their review. If approved, temporary crosswalks will be installed and remain in place until construction is complete.
  • To improve handicap access during construction, a new handicap entrance will be installed at the double doors in Kingman Hall facing the Quad. A temporary ramp and automatic door openers will be installed.
  • Live viewing of the construction site is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKu6-XszxFw. Please check it out and watch our new building come alive.


Bob Burns | burnsr5@wit.edu