Student Spotlight: Stephanie Crepeau

Stephanie Crepeau has experience speaking to large groups of people about Wentworth. She has done the math. In her time as an Admissions Ambassador, she has given well over 200 tours. I’m sure you have seen her walking backwards across campus, highlighting different areas on campus and answering just about any question you could possibly imagine. On Sunday, August 20, 2017, Stephanie Crepeau will be talking to her largest audience about the benefits and possibilities that come with a Wentworth degree. However, this time, she will not be guiding prospective students and their families around campus. No, this time, Stephanie will be facing forward while giving her student commencement address to an audience of her fellow graduates and their families gathered at the Bluehills Pavilion.

Stephanie has shared so much about Wentworth to those entering into a new chapter of their lives, I thought it fitting to share a little bit about Stephanie before she enters into the next chapter of her life.  So, join me on a Q&A tour about Stephanie Crepeau.

Hometown: Derry, NH

High School and High School Mascot: Pinkerton Academy – Go Astros!

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite ice cream flavor: wait I have to pick one? I thought ice cream was a food category? Kidding! Right now it’s Brigham’s Mocha Chip ice cream but my standby has always been Oreo Ice cream!

Favorite pizza topping: Veggies! Except no mushrooms (yuck!). When I go to Blaze Pizza I LOOOOOOVE piling on all the veggies especially basil and spinach!

Crunchy or smooth peanut butter? Smooth for sure!

How many languages do you speak? Two! Besides English, I took Mandarin Chinese in high school! Also, I was trying to pick up a little bit of Spanish while I was on my last co-op which was really fun because throughout the day people on site would have short conversations with me or teach me new words to help!

Do your friends have a nickname for you (that you are able to share)? A lot of people call me either Steph or by my last name, Crepeau (say it like an excited French pastry: Crepe-Oh!)

What is your major?  Construction Management

How did you find and why did you select Wentworth:  I heard a lot about Wentworth before I actually came here! My Stepdad went to Wentworth (back in the day, as I like to say) for Mechanical Engineering Technology and we went to the college fair at my high school where he was like “oh hey here’s my school.” We didn’t realize at first that WIT still had a CM program and he didn’t know what it was about since he was an MET. But then my best friend said he was going to visit for CM and that his dad also graduated from CM at WIT so I asked if I could bum a ride from his family on an open house day.

For a while I was actually pretty sure I was going to be a liberal arts student studying communications (I got accepted to Simmons!) even though I really liked construction I hadn’t known what opportunities are out there when you want to do more than residential construction. When I did the break out session for CM, as soon as I sat down in Annex 004 I knew that WIT was where I was going to be. Instantly I felt like it was a place where I could be successful and where I belonged. It was also reaffirmed by the current students who were helping with the session. I looked at Hayley, Ian, and Wes in their crisp CM button down shirts and thought that they looked very professional, smart, and successful – I thought instantly “that’s what I want to be like, I want to be like them.”

Ultimately, I chose WIT because of three things: our amazing co-op program, the CM Program and also, it’s pretty cool to go to the same school as my stepdad.

Where did you do your coops?: BOND Brothers (Boston MA); Skanska USA (Part time – Owner’s Rep, Winchester HS in MA); Consigli Construction (Milford MA); Hensel Phelps (Ft. Meade, Maryland)

How many years have you been an Admissions Ambassador? Since Spring semester of my Freshman year!

Approximately how many individual tours do you think you have done over the years?  I actually was doing the math on this one before! If you say on average I’m doing one tour per week every semester (6 semesters – each at 15 weeks) plus four a week this semester; at least 15 from April break; lets allocate another 20 over the years when I’ve had to cover for other ambassadors; 20 (minimum) more from Accepted Students Days and Open Houses………….


Roughly (and I’m sure I’ve done more than this) I’ve done about 205 (+) tours throughout my time as an SAA

What is the most unusual question you were ever asked on a tour?  One time a parent asked me how their student (male) was supposed to find a “life partner” since there were so few women at Wentworth.  Me: “uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh…that’s a great question for an admissions counselor…….”

What is your favorite part of Wentworth to feature on your tour? It used to be Ira Allen (purely for architectural & construction reasons) but now it’s the library! I have so many fun facts I can share about it since I got to be on the construction team! Sometimes though if I have a few people interested in CM or Civil I’ll sneak them into the concrete lab and show off some concrete cylinders -I love the excitement from students when they get to hold cylinders and examine them!

What is the one place you show on a tour that you yourself have never accessed as a student?  Manufacturing Center! I’ve always wanted to model/design something and make it in there but my major doesn’t intersect with mechanical L

What has been your favorite Wentworth memory?  I have so many! Working on the library, meeting my roommate, meeting my boyfriend (a #graduWIT) but if I had to pick just one

If you lived on campus, which building did you live in as a first year student? Thumbs up or Thumbs down? Thumbs up Evans Way-Tudbury! I would have liked to live in Baker and get to know a whole ton of people but I’m a slight germaphobe.

What is your favorite spot on campus?  When I’m not hanging out in the library I love hanging out in Accelerate! I’ve met so many people there and get to hear new ideas all the time!

What is your favorite spot in Boston? I love the Seaport area! There is a lot of new construction going on but it is so beautiful next to the water. I love hanging out on the greenway!

Do you prefer Mike’s Pastry or Modern Pastry?Mikes Pastry! Warning: Whatever cannoli you eat, do not eat it over your laptop, you could end up with cannoli under your keyboard………..

Do you prefer the hammocks or Adirondack chairs?  Hammocks! It’s always #HammockTime when it is nice outside!

Who is your favorite dean? (just kidding 😊Fun Fact: My tour of Wentworth was on Dean Wenner’s birthday in 2012!

Of all the things you have accomplished while a student, what is the thing you are most proud? (don’t be humble, Stephanie! This isn’t bragging..this is recognizing your awesomeness!!!)  I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of cool stuff while a student at WIT! None of it came without a bit of work but if I had to pick just one…… I’m proud to have taken a co-op in Maryland which is far enough away that I couldn’t go home all the time. I had to learn to be on my own and be okay with being ‘alone’. I learned to enjoy my time and that I can have my own adventures (I went to George Washington’s Mount Vernon and Philadelphia – by myself!). It was hard at first but I grew a lot personally which has helped me to be more independent as I get ready to graduate.

What is one piece of advice you would give to an incoming first year student?  Time will pass without you even noticing so make the most of your time here. Study hard but take time to explore and have fun in the city of Boston. Get involved immediately when you get on campus but know your limits – you don’t have to say yes to every single opportunity that comes across your desk. Also, take care of yourself, don’t let people take your time and energy if they don’t deserve your time and energy.


Stephanie, thank you for everything you have given to the Wentworth community and for leaving our beautiful campus a bit better than how you found it.  #deanlove