Cap & Gown Celebration

On Tuesday, August 1st, over 560 students – soon to be alumni – picked up their cap & gown and their tickets for commencement. It was a wonderful opportunity for students to hit the pause button during this busy time of their life as they reminisce about their time at Wentworth, celebrate their achievements, and look forward to their next journeys.

For faculty and staff, this is a bittersweet time. While we are incredibly proud of our students and look forward to hearing about their lives after Wentworth, we know this means we will not see their bright, smiling faces around campus for too much longer.  These students have been the heart and mind and soul of our campus for the past few years, and we will miss them.

To our seniors, best of luck as you finish up this last semester!

We can’t wait to see you walking across the stage at graduation.