Student Spotlight: Jace Valls

With less than two weeks away from August commencement, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce to one of the many amazing students who will be graduating this year.  We asked Jace Valls a few questions about his experience at Wentworth.  He has some great insights and advice for those who are beginning their time at Wentworth.

Name: Jace Valls

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Hometown: Kennebunkport, ME

Why did you select your major:

I chose Biomedical Engineering because I knew I wanted to be an engineer but more importantly I wanted to make things that directly helped make people’s lives better.

What have you been involved in:

One of the things that has been the most rewarding in my time here is being an RA. I also started the Student Alumni Society. Most recently though, a couple of my fellow students and I started a scholarship award for people who have dedicated their time at Wentworth to helping make the community around us a better place.

Tell us a little about your coops, where were they, what kind of work did you do:

I did both of my Co-ops at Johnson & Johnson (J&J) but they were both very different from one another. My first co-op I worked in a department where we worked with R&D Engineers to help design and make their prototypes. On this co-op, I worked mostly on hip and knee replacement surgery with some spine stuff thrown in. One of things that I really liked about this one is that I got a chance to design a brand-new device for hip replacement surgery. My second co-op I worked in J&J’s 3D Printing Lab. This was a co-op that I really liked because I got to work on so many different projects. On this co-op, I helped engineers across the world design their products so that they could be 3D Printed. Being able to utilize some of the newest technology to create some really awesome products that would eventually make a big difference in people’s lives was a great experience.

What did it mean to you when you received the Wentworth Bowl:

During my time at Wentworth I’ve had so many opportunities. Just to be able to get a higher education is an amazing opportunity that not everyone gets. As much as I got out of this school and this community, I wanted to put back in. I wanted to make a positive impact on the people around that have helped me grow. That includes my peers, the faculty, staff and the Boston community. I wanted to show, rather than say, how much they’ve made an impact on me. Getting the Wentworth Bowl helped me realize that I have been able to make a positive impact.

What is your favorite spot on campus:

A hammock, any hammock.

What is your favorite memory of Wentworth:

I think one of my favorite memories of Wentworth was watching the Super Bowl between the Pats and the Seahawks in 2015. They were playing it down in the EWT Auditorium. That was the year that Malcolm Butler got the game winning interception at the very end of the game. That was the craziest super bowl, at least up until this past year. It was just an awesome night with a lot of great people there and a great game.

Anyone you to take the time to thank or say goodbye to:

There’s too many people to list that I plan on taking the time to say goodbye to. So many people at this school have made an impact on me and I plan on taking the time to say goodbye to all of them.

What advice would you give to an incoming student:

I think the biggest piece of advice I can give an incoming student is to take advantage of the opportunities that you have as a Wentworth student. Pursue something that you’re passionate about and never thought you could achieve. You’ll see that all, anyone, at this school wants to do is to help you achieve that goal. Think outside the box and dream big!

Congratulations Jace on your upcoming commencement! We wish you all the best as you begin another chapter!