Involved on Campus

I’m not sure if you had a chance to check out the Involvement Fair last week, but it was pretty great. With over 5o clubs and organizations in attendance, the Tansey Gymnasium was full of opportunities to be involved on campus. In our recent #WITwants2know, 80% of our respondents indicated they are or are intending to be involved on campus this semester. So it is no surprise the Involvement Fair was such a success.

We already know the many benefits of involvement. National studies show that involved students feel more connected to their institution, do better academically, and graduate at higher rates than students who are not involved. Involved students also generally report higher confidence in time management skills. At Wentworth, we know that students who are involved on campus, whether through clubs/orgs, student leadership positions, or athletics, achieve higher GPAs than other students.

The evidence is clear that involvement impacts a student’s experience, including their career prospects.  As Robbin Beauchamp, director of coops + careers, points out, “being involved on-campus helps students feel connected to their school and therefore, their academic life, which may increase GPA and employment opportunities.”

Involvement extends beyond clubs and organizations. Some of the other opportunities include: participation in leadership development programs, Accelerate, athletics, student leadership positions, community service, mentoring, student employment, undergraduate research….and many more.

Carissa Durfee, director of student engagement, believes “being involved feeds your essence; you find others who enjoy doing and learning the things in which you are interested.” So if you haven’t found the right thing for you, keep looking. There’s a spot somewhere for you on campus!