My Brother’s Keeper

In 2014, President Obama created My Brother’s Keeper, a national initiative to address the persistent opportunity gaps for young men of color. Wentworth’s chapter of My Brother Keeper (MBK) began in 2017, with approximately 20 men of color participating. The fellows participate in various workshops, socials, and events that bolster their professional and social experiences.

Reymond Kabuye, a sophomore in computer science, is one of our MBK fellows. We asked him a few questions:

Why did you choose to attend Wentworth?

For me choosing Wentworth was more of a discussion than a decision because I was moving to the United States. I didn’t want to use the reputation of a college to help me choose a university so I decided to go with a place that would be in a city and help me fall in love with my new area. I wanted Boston to slap me in the face with all the historic attractions around, cafes to visit, music to hear, museums and sports events as part of my everyday life. Luckily for me at Wentworth I am able to get a great undergraduate experience and awesome weekends. How can you not have fun here when your Dean has #FindMeFriday and #MunchkinMonday every week?

What are your career goals?

Learning is really important to me and I would love to continue learning techniques to make me a better leader and researcher. My career mainly starts at attaining my degree as that will help me keep up-to-date with my profession. Another goal of mine is definitely improving my networking skills because in-order to achieve my long term goals I need to know a few people in the industry to provide valuable feedback and introduce me to new opportunities.

What do you like most about Wentworth?

The location of Wentworth and conversations with students from other colleges of Fenway that have really shaped my interests.

What is MBK?

MBK is an initiative that’s meant to help men at different transition times in their lives to reach their full potential by building a safe and supportive environment where we as young men of color can feel valued and have an easy road to success and opportunities.

Why did you decide to participate in MBK?

I deserve to achieve my dreams and goals but I knew I wasn’t going to do this on my own. I needed people in the same situation as me, fellow young men of color to help me so we can encourage each other to achieve our dreams regardless of our race, ethnicity or socioeconomic status………. MBK was the place for me.

How has MBK helped you?

In MBK, I have found a family of interesting young charismatic men of color that have overcome challenges and obstacles to be able to attend Wentworth as first generation college students who are continuing to push to graduate.

Give a shout-out to someone on campus:

Shout-Out to Alex and Ricky for making the diversity office an open and happy space with small things like hot chocolate during finals week, random mugs of candy and of course, their presence.