#FINDMEFRIDAY: Boston Public Gardens Foot Bridge

Congratulations to Kristin Johnson for being the first student to tweet a selfie from the April 6th #FindMeFriday location!

A little about this week’s location:

While usually overshadowed by the Swan Boats passing underneath, the Public Garden Foot Bridge is one of the most photographed locations in Boston. Proposals, prom pictures, wedding portraits, and thousands of selfies take place on or at the foot of the bridge each year. The Foot Bridge, which opened on June 1, 1867, was created by designed by Clemens Herschel (hydraulic engineer) and William Preston (architect).   The bridge is 104 feet long and 12 feet wide and is made of grey stone and steel.

The Foot Bridge is not only a  Boston landmark, it is also a historical landmark. The Boston Public Garden Foot Bridge was officially registered on the National Register of Historic Places on February 27, 1987.

The next time you happen upon the Foot Bridge, take a moment to enjoy the history, the architecture, and the beauty of the structure. We often take features like this for granted, but they deserve to be appreciated for the joy they bring to our public spaces.

When we build bridges, we create connections.  Go get connected to your city, my friends!