2018 Orientation Team

This week begins our orientation season. On Friday, over 240 new students will be on campus for two days to learn about resources, services, and opportunities on campus. They will meet other new students and be led by their Orientation Leader. In our last #WITwants2know, 73% of our respondents remembered their Orientation Leader’s name.

The role of an Orientation Leader is really important within the equation of a student’s overall success on campus. For many new students, this may be the first opportunity for them to spend a good amount of time with a current Wentworth student, who can provide good insight about the day to day life of a student on our campus.  The Orientation Leader: answers questions, offers advice, gives tours, facilitates icebreakers, motivates students to do more icebreakers, finds commonalities among students in their group, provides factual information, assists with class registration, comforts students who are a little unsure or having a difficult time, represents Wentworth, and makes us proud.

Best of luck to the Orientation Staff and thank you for welcoming our newest leopards to campus!

The Orientation Team: Richard, Claire, Adriaan, Gustavo, Dat, Erica, Jhen, Kiara, Fatima, Isaiah, Lauren, Olivia, Emma, Nichole, Sara, Nilay, Samantha, Keara, Ariana, Casey, Grace, Rebecca