Prayer and Meditation

Incorporating time in your day for prayer or meditation can have benefits for your overall health and well-being. And, according to our latest #WITwants2know, many of our students are unaware that there is a Prayer and Meditation Room on campus. Located in the Flanagan Campus Center, down the hall from the bookstore, the Prayer and Meditation Room provides a quiet space for personal and spiritual reflection.  The space includes seating and floor space for prayer, as well as an ablution station for cleansing before Muslim prayer.  There are texts from major world religions available for individuals to use.

Meditation – or mindfulness – is one of the strategies to control our happiness through Project 40, our campus wide initiative to enhance resiliency. Meditation may relive stress or anxiety, or provide new perspective on something you’ve been thinking about.

Join the Project 40 team for 10 minutes of meditation each Thursday at 8:40am in the Prayer and Meditation Room.