Let’s go Red Sox!

Boston: Red Sox Nation, especially in the summer. The highlight of any summer could be taking in a game at Fenway Park. In our last #WITwants2know, 73% of our respondents indicated they’ve been to a Red Sox game.  Fenway is less than a mile, less than a 10-15 minute walk from campus. Each summer, the Center for Student Engagement has discounted tickets on sale, so be sure to check the Info Hub for when tickets go on sale. Or, you can purchase tickets at the Red Sox website.

Even if you’re not a baseball enthusiast or Red Sox fan, a night at Fenway is always a good time. Just ask these folks….

“I love the music! The players’ walk-up songs, Sweet Caroline, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, random Rihanna jams between innings.. love it!” – Rebecca Ryan, Center for Student Engagement

“Great weather! Great seats! I love the opportunity to mingle with folks from other departments in a much less formal setting.  True personalities shine after 5:00pm.” – Cheryl Aaron, Athletics

“Watching the sun set from the stands!” – Bridget McNamee, Center for Wellness and Disability Services