#DWTOTD: Dean Wenner’s Thought of the Day

I am a morning person. I like to exercise in the morning before my body wakes up, realizes what I am doing, and revolts. I like to make my to-do lists in the morning, because everything seems possible when the entire day awaits. I do my best thinking in the morning, when the day is still fresh and my mind is a little less cluttered.

For those who follow me on Twitter, every morning around 6:00 a.m., I post a thought of the day. I have been posting a #DWTOTD every day since August 2013 and it was actually a student, Isabella Grassetti, who came up with the hashtag. These thoughts are usually based on something I experienced the day before, something I read or heard that morning, or something that I know my students are going through during a specific time of the year.  It’s my daily opportunity to provide 140 characters for you to consider. Sometimes the thought corresponds with a holiday, sometimes the thought relates to the national landscape. Sometimes the thought is meant to send good vibes, sometimes the thought serves to counteract bad vibes. Sometimes the thought is meant to result in a smile, sometimes the thought is meant to pull at heartstrings. Sometimes the thought is meant to challenge, sometimes the thought is meant to support. Sometimes the thought is about family, sometimes the thought is about friends. But, every time, the thought is created with students on my mind and in my heart. #DWTOTD are always sent with #deanlove!

Below are some of the more recent #DWTOTD, but, should you be so inclined, you can scroll through 5 years of thoughts by searching by the hashtag.  Thank you to those who follow me on Twitter and like and/or share these thoughts. I appreciate your time, interest, and feedback.

See you in the morning!


Smile, my friends. Your faces deserve it.

The most powerful partnerships started with a simple “hello”.

You can make mistakes without improving, but you can rarely improve without first making some mistakes

You dreamed big. You tried hard. You succeeded. The end.

In order to be loved deeply, you must first love completely.

Do everything you can to make life beautiful.

The journey has given you the strength and skill to summit any mountain in your path. Just take a deep breath and start climbing.

It’s a new day! How lucky we are to enjoy it!

Strive to be at peace with your outer pieces.

Communication works best when it happens.

Beautiful moments don’t require an entrance fee, they just require your attention.

Rather than looking back and wondering “what if”, look forward and determine “what now.”

You cannot change what you did yesterday, but you can make different decisions today.

Help your friends by letting them know THERE is importance in making sure THEY’RE using forms of words correctly in THEIR writings.

When you see talent in others, don’t be jealous of it or intimidated by it, but rather recognize it, celebrate it, and reward it.

We laugh because we are happy and we are happy because we laugh.

Let the soundtrack of your life be one to which you can dance and sing without hesitation.

We don’t have to agree to understand.

Different points of view allow us to see the entire picture.

The size of the obstacle shrinks as the amount of confidence grows.

Happiness in your heart and confidence in your head are like gas in your car, they provide the fuel needed for the journey.

May the fingerprints left on your heart by gentle hands far out number the boot marks aggressive feet leave on your back.